News Tip: Experts Available to Comment on Issues Raised at COP26

News Tip: Climate Expert Available to Comment on Biden’s Climate Plan

The following experts from Duke University are available to comment on various aspects of the 26th UN Climate Change Conference of the Parties (COP26) in Glasgow, Scotland.

Climate and Immigration

Sarah Bermeo
Sarah Bermeo is associate professor of public policy and political science in the Sanford School at Duke University. Her current work examines the intersection of climate change with other drivers of migration, particularly in Central America. Bermeo is author of “Targeted Development: Industrialized Country Strategy in a Globalizing World” (Oxford, 2018) and multiple articles on foreign aid, trade agreements and migration. She is a frequent commentator in national and international news outlets and a contributor to Brookings Future Development blog.

For comment, contact Sarah Bermeo at:

Emissions/Domestic Policy

Kate Konschnik
Kate Konschnik is director of the Climate and Energy Program at Duke University’s Nicholas Institute for Environmental Policy Solutions. Konschnik is an expert on methane emissions from oil and gas production and can discuss U.S. domestic climate policy. Her work also focuses on options for public electric utility regulation and electricity market reforms given emerging technologies and de-carbonization goals.

For comment, contact Kate Konschnik at:

China Climate Policy/Sustainable Infrastructure

Jackson Ewing

Jackson Ewing holds a joint appointment as a senior fellow at Duke University’s Nicholas Institute of Environmental Policy Solutions and an adjunct associate professor at the Sanford School of Public Policy. Ewing is an expert in sustainable infrastructure, international trade, and policy research in the United States and China. (Note: Ewing is in Glasgow and available to comment until 8 p.m. ET.)

For comment, contact Jackson Ewing at:

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