U.S. Supreme Court

  • Darrell A.H. Miller,professor at Duke University School of Law.Miller writes and teaches in the areas of civil rights, constitutional law, civil procedure, state and local government law, and legal history. (919) 613-8517; dmiller@law.duke.edu
  • Neil Siegel, professor at Duke University School of Law. Siegel is a leading constitutional law scholar who has focused much of his recent scholarship on same-sex marriage and issues involving the Affordable Care Act. Also  a professor of political science, Siegel is co-director of the Program in Public Law and director of the DC Summer Institute on Law and Policy. (919) 613-7157; siegel@law.duke.edu
  • Ernest Young, professor at Duke University School of Law. Young is one of the nation’s leading authorities on the constitutional law of federalism, constitutional interpretation and constitutional theory. He and his co-authors filed a federalism-based argument against the Defense of Marriage Act. (919) 613-8506; young@law.duke.edu