News Tip: Climate, Health Experts Available to Discuss Heat Wave

News Tip: Climate, Health Experts Available to Discuss Heat Wave

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Summary: A heat wave affecting the United States and Europe continues this week, with above-normal temperatures again exceeding 90 degrees in North Carolina. The following Duke University experts are available to comment on both climate and health issues related to the heat wave.


Luke Parsons
Luke Parsons, a postdoctoral researcher at Duke University’s Nicholas School of the Environment, has published three studies this year looking at the impacts of extreme heat on people who work outdoors. His studies show that as heat and humidity levels rise throughout the day because of climate change — that is, as unsafe heat begins earlier in the morning and continues later into the evening — options for moving outdoor labor to safer, cooler hours will dramatically shrink, leading to significant worldwide labor losses.

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Health-Related Illnesses

Ashley Ward
Ashley Ward, a senior policy associate at Duke’s Nicholas Institute for Environmental Policy Solutions, is a climate-health and resilience expert. Her research focuses on heat-related illness, particularly the impacts of heat on maternal health, and climate data and policy.

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