News Tip: Conflict Bring Palestinians from Haifa, Gaza Together

News Tip: Israeli Bombardments Bring Palestinians from Haifa, Gaza Together

Summary: In the last week, Palestinian citizens of the state have protested alongside Palestinian residents of East Jerusalem. The following comments from Duke University professor Rebecca Stein, an expert on Israeli cultural politics, are available for use in your coverage.

“Overshadowed by the tragic events in Gaza, and the mounting Palestinian civilian death toll from Israeli bombardments, are the new political formations that are emerging,” says Rebecca Stein, a cultural anthropologist and media scholar at Duke University. “The geography of Palestinian struggle has dramatically shifted, bringing Palestinians from Haifa and Gaza into the same political frame. All this is challenging a history of Israeli state efforts to fracture the Palestinian people.”

Rebecca Stein is a media scholar and professor of cultural anthropology at Duke University who studies Israeli cultural politics in the context of the broader Israel/Palestine conflict. She is the author of “Screen Shots: State Violence on Camera in Israel and Palestine.

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