Early Education

Clara Muschkin
Clara Muschkin, associate research professor of public policy and faculty director of the North Carolina Education Research Data Center, focuses on the impact of early education policies on student outcomes; the impact of grade configuration on student behavior; special education placements, peer influence in schools, and poverty and inequality.
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Childhood Well-Being/School Violence

Kenneth Dodge
Kenneth Dodge, professor of public policy, psychology and neuroscience; founding director of the Center for Child and Family Policy, specializes in child abuse and neglect, behavior disorders and adolescent development.
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Katie Rosanbalm
Katie Rosanbalm, senior research scientist at the Center for Child and Family Policy, researches the implementation and evaluation of programs in the areas of early childhood systems, self-regulation development, child welfare, and trauma-sensitive schools.
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Election Law/Gerrymandering

Asher Hildebrand
Asher Hildebrand, an associate professor of the practice, teaches politics and policy analysis at the Sanford School of Public Policy. His academic interests include American politics, legislative institutions, civic participation and advocacy, democracy reform and U.S. foreign policy. Hildebrand served for nearly 15 years in congressional offices and on political campaigns. He was formerly chief of staff to U.S. Representative David Price (D-NC).
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Brian Murray
Brian Murray, interim director of the Nicholas Institute for Energy, Environment & Sustainability. Specializes in the design of economic policies to address a range of environmental problems, with a focus on climate change policy. This includes the design of cap-and-trade systems; price containment mechanisms; and emissions offsets generated by the agriculture, forest and land-use sectors.
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Heather Stapleton
Heather Stapleton, associate professor of environmental ethics and sustainable environmental management. Conducted testing that found relatives of the chemical GenX in Central North Carolina, specifically in Jordan Lake, two of its feeder streams and in Cary’s tap water. She also researches the cancer link to flame retardants.
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Lee Ferguson
Lee Ferguson, associate professor of environmental chemistry and engineering. Also conducted testing that found relatives of the chemical GenX in Central North Carolina, specifically in Jordan Lake, two of its feeder streams and in Cary’s tap water. His laboratory is focused on development of novel methods for trace analysis of organic and nanoparticulate contaminants in the aquatic environment.
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Health Systems/Medicare

Donald Taylor
Donald Taylor is a health policy scholar who has studied rural health, identification of underserved areas, and the economics of smoking and cessation. His work has focused on how society cares for the elderly and on archival research methods that help to illustrate the role of race in our history.
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Immigration Policy

Gunther Peck
Gunther Peck, an associate professor of history and associate professor of public policy studies, researches can discuss immigration policy in North America and Europe, the history of human trafficking and its relationship to the evolution of racial ideology and humanitarian intervention.
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Connel Fullenkamp
Connel Fullenkamp, director of undergraduate studies in Duke’s economics department, specializes in economic policy, financial market development and regulation of financial markets. He has been a visiting scholar and consultant at the IMF Institute of the International Monetary Fund in Washington, D.C., since 1999.
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Natural Resources Management

Sara A. Sutherland
Sara A. Sutherland, an environmental economist, researches in part the political economy of natural resource management, with a focus on fisheries and water management. Sutherland collaborates with state agencies to tackle environmental issues in North Carolina. This includes projects to inform legislatures on the economic value of North Carolina’s natural resources including commercial fisheries and seagrass.
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Kerry Haynie
Kerry Haynie is a professor of political science, professor of African & African American studies, and dean of the social sciences. Haynie researches race and ethnic politics, women of color in politics, state and Southern politics and comparative urban politics.
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Pope “Mac” McCorkle
Pope “Mac” McCorkle, professor of the practice of public policy, has served as an issues consultant to political candidates, state governments, and various organizations for the last two decades. Since starting McCorkle Policy Consulting in 1994, he has worked for state and federal candidates in North Carolina as well as 28 other states.
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Voter Behavior

Sunshine Hillygus
Sunshine Hillygus
is a professor of political science who has published widely on American political behavior, campaigns and elections, survey methods, public opinion, and information technology and politics.
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Deondra Rose
Deondra Rose, an assistant professor of public policy and political science and director of Polis: Center for Politics, researches and teaches political behavior, identity politics (i.e., gender, race, and socioeconomic status) and inequality.
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